PC Stephen Toms (2041) Dorset Police Misconduct

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The reason things between the public & Dorset Police escalate is because these officers like PC Stephen Toms are often arrogant, provocative, and abuse their authority.

These officers either forget that they are public servants, or think that they are some how above the law and that the tax paying public are subservient to them. See the Dorset Police Misconduct as showcased by PC Stephen Toms.

Please see the video below.

Dorset Police Disparity of Fairness

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Matthew Baxter from Dorset Police, had criminal offences reported to him, he did nothing about it, then another officer, Detective Constable Holmes (Sherlock) then arrests and questions the victims instead of Baxter dealing with the perpetrators. Another example of Dorset Police Disparity of Fairness.

Dorset Police spent rate payers money at an awards ceremony in Wimborne on the 17 May 2016.