Deborah Glass admits the IPCC is NOT Fit for Purpose.

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IPCC Comissioner Deborah Glass admits the IPCC is NOT Fit for Purpose.

After admitting the failings of the IPCC in a television interview, Deborah Glass then goes on to whitewash the shooting and killing of Mark Duggan. The damage to mr Duggan’s body would suggest he was killed by an illegal Dumdum Bullet that most british police forces have been using domestically.

However Deborah Glass stresses the point that a police radio was hit by a Full Metal Jacket Bullet fired by a standard issue police weapon. It would appear that Mr Duggan was killed by an un-identified policeman with an illegal bullet. In the footage above you can see Len Jackson and Deborah Glass whitewashing what caused the Tottenham Riots.

Some victims were so angry that they stared looking at the law in relation to this type of judicial misconduct. They are of the view that it goes beyond normal misconduct in public office which is itself an imprisonable offence (misfeasance). They in-fact believe that if this type of misfeasance is perpetrated by a sitting judge on one of Her Majesties Courts against one of Her Majesties Subjects it amounts to – TREASON.

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