English Freeman Standing in Court Demands Jurisdiction

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We are showing documentary film footage of what a Dishonest Judge did to a victim in the Bournemouth County Court on the 13th December 2011 – Judge Dancey

This shyster Dancey has had a number of complaints levelled against him. Many people say he should be investigated by some Official Prosecution Body for Misconduct in Public Office (Misfeasance) over the way he has treated victims that have gone to court for redress. In this case Dancey ordered Roger Hayes to leave the court leaving Liz Watson with no advocate.

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  • Pari


    This is not an isolated incident. The courts want to make money and do so by means of protracted cases where each submission of form or request for hearings requires hefty fees. The solicitors and barristers get paid by insurance companies so drag out cases to beef up fees. They are all part of the legal fraternity, they work, rest and play together they see each other daily. So Joe Public pays the prices, we are yesterday’s case and matter nothing to any of them. Ultimately, it is a corrupted self serving industry which wouldn’t recognise Justice if hit them in the face.


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