One Person a Week Killed in Police Custody in the UK

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IPCC Len Jackson Head of The-Independent Police Complaints Commission whitewashes and justifies one person a week killed in police custody in the UK. This video clip exposes the response to the fact that there is one death in police custody every week. Len Jackson and the other IPCC commissioners that have offices and support staff all over the UK should be disbanded saving the tax payers money. All they are is a buffer for complaint. With all the deaths in Police Custody not one single police officer has ever been charged. Len Jackson and his cronies are just “Jobs for the Boys and Girls” They do not want to rock the boat, they are well paid for turning a blind eye to things like the illegal shooting of Mr Demezes. He was a Brazilian electrician held down and shot in the head several times with illegal dum-dum bullets outlawed by both the Geneva Convention and the Hague Convention. Yet the IPCC turn a blind eye to the british police using them for domestic purposes.

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  • Vishwanath


    This is an example of the need for deaecdtid police force sections with officers trained to the highest levels to deal with Domestic Violence and Adult Protection issues. Over years some forces have fought the cult and system togreatly improve the care of women in these circumstances,some to the highest levels, while some have still not always reached the ideal. The legal system has let down officers and victims in these cases, and it is sad to see further examples. Today things are not getting better but regressing with the cuts. These dedicates departments are being closed and the case work now coming back into the central inveatigation teams, with workloads in all areas. This is not only going to prove investigations and consideration or care of the victims to become limited,while being the most vulerable, and now there will not be the direct contact or knowledge of the excellent outside agencies, who are also fast disappearing in these cuts. These voluntary agencies working with police are also a sad victim of cuts, again women become the victims. The legal system to anyone thats knows it will rarely praise its common sense, but see it as a unjust tool to those who are often already vulerable.


  • John reid


    how many die in hospital while in care in a week, Bloody Nazi NHS,


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