Organophosphorus Chemicals a Deadly Poison

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Another Victims Story

The human body depends almost entirely on phosphorus/oxygen bonds. Even the structure of DNA itself is dependent on such bonds. The organophosphorus chemicals are dangerous because they can disrupt those natural processes – a purpose for which they were specifically designed. As a former scientific researcher explained there were no OPs that did not cause harm but only those which did not appear to do serious immediate harm were developed – but that does not mean that they did no harm and it is said that there is no level of exposure at which no harm is done.

Nor is it simply a matter of the dose making the poison since many have succumbed to relatively low doses while those occupationally exposed can sometimes take fairly high doses with no obvious effect. This does not mean that there is no effect but simply that the effects go unnoticed by the person exposed.

The term used for this is “asymptomatic” and the symptoms and signs may only be seen by doctors using specialist testing procedures.

For the above reasons organophosphorus chemicals are known to damage DNA, RNA, protein formation, and the energy transfer process that is vital for proper function of every cell and process in the body. Damage to these processes can result in nervous system problems, including the peripheral and central nervous systems and the brain, causing numbness or tingling in the limbs, tremors and cognitive and memory problems; the immune system, leading to the re-activation of latent viruses and potential for auto-immune disease; serious cardio-respiratory problems, resulting in serious heart rate arrhythmias triggered by changes in the signalling to the heart, breathlessness, and reduced lung capacity; circulation disorders with blood pressure instability and cyanosis (blue lips and extremities); hypersecretion with excess sweating, excess saliva and rhinitis (running nose); vision problems such as focussing difficulties, false colour perception and photophobia (sens! itivity to light); and to hypersensitivity issues such as chemical sensitivity and unexpected reactions to medication. Among others….

In short the organophosphorus chemicals are extremely dangerous – or, as Lord Zuckerman wrote in his report to Government in 1951, they should be regarded as -and labelled – “Deadly Poison”.

In that report the Committee’s deliberations were restricted only to pesticides but thousands of people have been poisoned because these chemical compounds have been used in oils, paints, medicines, fire retardants, weapons of war and even in plastics.

Many people have died. Many more have been made seriously ill for life with no recognition of the cause.

My father was a farm worker who was an officer in the Red Cross. In the 1950s he was exposed. His eyes changed colour permanently, he suffered hallucinations, nightmares, sinus problems bone degeneration and eventually died at 62 years of age from heart failure. He refused to report his poisoning, likely as not because he had served in the Army Medical Corps during WW2 and knew the ropes.

Years later I was also exposed but this time, unknown to me at the time, to an illegal mixture of two organophosphorus chemicals and their respective solvents and co-formulants. Luckily I had kept a detailed record of all the chemicals I had used and knew a little about the symptoms to expect – but not enough and it was soon realised that we are all being misled about the true nature of the chemicals.

Our doctors sought the assistance of toxicologists but were misled since cholinesterase assay results were withheld and the initial poisoning diagnosis was suddenly withdrawn. My detailed records of pesticide use were used against me with the false and sarcastic suggestion by officials that I had an “Elephantine memory” and that I suffered from “Compensationitis” and a “Mind set that believes in poisoning” – the latter from a toxicologist who plainly does not believe in his own science.

It became obvious that something was very wrong with the system and despite eventually obtaining those cholinesterase results,which confirmed poisoning, and other scientific analysis that also confirmed poisoning the official line is still denial.

Many of us decided that the only way to save others was to use the courts but we found that the influence over lawyers and judges is such that no case is properly represented.

All complaints fall on deaf ears and before blind eyes.

But we have the evidence and thought that someone high in the system must uphold the law.

Well we have tested the system – several times. We can now virtually predict how cases will be handled because we have seen it done so often – right up to the High Court, Appeal Court, and Judicial Review.

Sad to say in our experience the only possible view that can be taken is that the system itself is corrupt and that the corruption becomes deeper seated the higher up we go. This is not a view that I would have ever imagined holding in the days before the poisoning.

Foolishly I believed in truth and British Justice. I was a deluded fool.

Now I know that there are none so blind as those who are paid not to see the truth.

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