Robin Cracknell talks about Kris Manalien

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Robin Cracknell was the victim of Internet Harassment by Kris Manalien AKA Christopher Hobby of Bournmouth. Hobby / Kris Manalien was convicted at Richmond Magistrates Court for the Internet Harassment of Artist Robin Cracknell, Hobby / Manalien was sent to Wandsworth Prison as a result.

BBC News 5 Live (Radio Interview)

Following Manalien’s conviction for the harrasment of Robin Cracknell, he then has a go at Iian Lee on Social Media followed by phoning in to his radio show. In fact Manalien has a habit of vindictive communications to people. See the footage below.

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  • Vernon Gowdy


    Listen I appreciate when folks let be known theres a lame trying to intervene I tried to look the guy up because the personal weird me that I was following this individual and that’s a No-No I don’t stand for that I’m totally against pedophiles falsely accuses totally 1010 percent against all that okay think about it the same way we stand up for each other about these falsely accuses these pedophiles these priests that’s raping kids and families that’s how we need to stick together as one color rainbow rainbow is one color all nationalities in one think about that New York


  • Ben Dover


    Hahaha, sounds like a sex criminal, loving it! Boy what a drull boring voice that alien has, sounds like he just got up out of his coffin! Never heard something so funny in my life, big up to Iian Lee.


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