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Retrospective Official Complaint Against The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police From February 2009 To Date Regarding Ms Jean Patricia Davies.

Steve Dickinson 34 Grosvenor Road Wavertree Liverpool L15 0HA 0151 291 9887 /0794 171 1708

The Office of the
Police Commissioner for Merseyside
PO Box 101A, West House
Mercury Court
Tithebarn Street
LiverpoolL2 2QP
0151 236 4748
FAO: The PCC & Carolyn McConnell
Our Ref: Retrospective Official Complaint Against The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police From February 2009 To Date Regarding Ms Jean Patricia Davies
(IPCC Ref: 2012/010695)
4th Day of January 2013
Thank you for your letter of the 5th December 2012 which was received in late December 2012.
Further to the pleasant telephone discussion's of yesterday and today with PA Carrie, the topic of which related mostly to the dangers associated with the consequences of False Police Statements made by Members of the Public and a minority of Police Officer's themselves being Tendered into Court Cases resulting in not only Perjury but also Perverting the Course of Justice and the wider implications of such on an individual such as Ms Jean Davies who is Challenged by Paralysis and has ONE QUEST which is "To Live As Normal A Life As Possible" This is a right under ECHR and the Human Rights Act 1998.
Jeans Quest for her basic Human Rights have been interfered by an ever increasing number of Police Officer's and their 'assistants' since February 2009 when a young woman (Rebecca Harrison) foolishly made a False Statement to PC Hackett regarding myself (Steve Dickinson). PC Hackett refused to remain impartial to the allegations and instead attempted to coerce me by making threats such as "Accept a Caution and things will improve for you... okay!" When I refused to do so, he had colleagues make my life a misery and also started targeting Ms Jean Davies.
Following Jeans Discharge from the Walton Centre and her moving into her Bungalow on 22nd Day of June 2009 (which is 5 days after my making an Official Complaint against PC Hackett at Lower Lane Police Station to Sergeant Roper) Jeans already frayed opinion of Police, turned into a Nightmare, as at 01:00 hrs 2 Police Officer's attended to remove her Son (Andrew) under protest... He was looking forward to showing the Nurses and Carers around the Bungalow.  At 15:00 hrs after Andrew returned another 2 Police Officer's attended to drag me away!  Jean refused entry after they made serious threats to her about me!.
A couple of Neighbours continued with Threats, Harassment, HateCrime and throwing bricks through the windows, Jean believes the Neighbours were given 'Carte blanche' to get away with as much reprobation as possible without recourse especially after overhearing one of them saying "...that's straight from the Chief that is..." coupled with the Malfeasance of Sergeant Coakley and the shutting down of a HateCrime report by an Inspector!
Certain Police Officer's remain hostile towards Jean, even as recently as Thursday 22nd Day of December 2012 when they fabricated a 'Hostage Scenario' at her current place of Refuge.  Also Police Statements of Jeans (which have eventually been Crime Numbered - Have been altered by Certain Police Officer's!).
Chief Constables of all Police Forces are ultimately responsible for the Conduct and Behaviour of their Police Staff.
The last 3 Chief Constables including the present one have had Jeans plight brought to their attention in numerous ways yet refuse to assist and ignore!
To assist in a Criminal Offence is a Criminal Offence in itself, on it's own merit.
Merseyside has a Quality Police Force which can do without Bullies and Criminal's amongst the ranks - at any level.
Further dialogue regarding Jeans Complaint will be appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Steve Dickinson for and on behalf of Ms Jean Patricia Davies
Here is a draft copy of a submission to the Euro Court. This has not been edited yet but likely to form an application to submit evidence against the English Courts in Strasbourg.


1          The English Courts do not apply English law.

The Ministry of Justice use propaganda to mislead the citizen. The UK citizen cannot rely on using the Courts due to the discrepancies existing between the expectation of Parliamentary Law and the mediaeval standard of law applied by the Judiciary. This is complimented by court lawyers who falsify papers before they are put before a judge.

2          Court officers forge judgments to by-pass the judicial mechanism.

3          The citizen has no right of audience in English Courts.

Every person should have right before a lawful Court to defend himself. Those rights include the application of judgment decreed by a lawful and impartial Judiciary.

4          BUT this does not happen in England –

5          English Courts have never been impartial.

Yes, the Government purports the rule of law and justice, but all of this is completely false & propaganda. The citizen will not be tried lawfully in England.

Once accused, the Judiciary and Courts deliberately attack the rights of the defendant. This case history shows no compliance of UK with Convention Rights. The United Kingdom has used propaganda to deceive both the European Union and its own citizens. They are thus not a genuine member state of the European Convention.

I enclose a decision from the Customer Services to some recent complaints submitted on EX343A. They are self explanatory. The writer has expressly refused paper responses and seeks a meeting only.

As can be seen, the other complaint evidences obstruction by the Court on appeal of a Civil Restraint Order. It’s the abuse of papers before arriving before the justices. The writer will not accept English Judgments without basis in law.

The applicant seeks a judgment from the European Court that the English Courts are in violation of the Convention.  He further seeks to testify to the above in person before the grand chamber in Strasbourg.

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  • Jean Davies


    In Balance – I Have Today Commended An Officer In An Open Letter To The Chief Constables Office For ‘Outstanding Coduct’ As Below…

    Jean Davies
    34 Grosvenor Road
    Wavertree, Liverpool L15 0HA
    0151 291 9887 /0794 171 1708 /

    FAO: Chief Inspector Rooney and/or Chief Constable Murphy
    Merseyside Police HQ
    Canning Place
    Liverpool L69 1JD

    1st Day of February 2013

    Re: Commendable Conduct, Actions & Skills Of Officer Number 2040 Sergeant Charmely 20/12/2012

    Further to the telephone contact with CI Rooney on 24th January last…

    I have asked my main carer Steve Dickinson to contact the Chief Constables Office regarding the restorative effect of One fine Officer namely Sergeant Charmely who came to my aid on 20th of December 2012 when a terrifying incident arose after a malicious to to Police.

    The sergeant put me at ease after telling Officer 3852 to stop banging on the windows and door and to get back into her vehicle! He also dispensed with what I believe was a road cordon of Police Cars including ARV and armed Police outside.

    The District Nurse was due the day after! I was hit by accident by a projectile of CS Gas full on in the face will I was in bed on the 1st day of February 2010, another incident that was brought about via malicious calls to Police!

    As Steve mentioned on the phone call… I too would have no hesitation in recommending Sgnt Charmley for some kind of Commendation including a Queens Medal.

    A Police Log : 991 of today’s date has been made which may clarify further, why matter’s went wrong since Feb 2009.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my Commendation, it is important, I feel, to give Credit where it is Due.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jean Davies
    pp, Steve Dickinson for and on behalf of Jean Patricia Davies
    (Signed version in the post)


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