The IPCC is Dysfunctional

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This video clip exposes that there is one death in police custody every week. A few years ago there was a death in Bournemouth Police Station. The inquiry was supervised by the IPCC as are most complaints against the police. The police are quite happy with this as the IPCC has no power to actually prosecute any police officers. All they can do is oversee a supposed investigation carried out by the police force that are being complained about. It is like asking Ronald Cray to investigate Reggie. All the IPCC can do is refer police misconduct or negligent shootings ect to the CPS. Unfortunately this leaves the local CPS to prosecute officers from the same local police force. Unfortunately due to the criminal justice boards that the government has set up for each county police force, this only exasperates the situation. In the case of Dorset, you have senior police officers who have a vested interest in covering up the misconduct of their officers, urinating in the same pot as senior CPS prosecutors and others in the county, all having tea and sandwiches together paid for by the government at criminal justice board meetings. Many people in the UK want the IPCC and the Criminal Justice Boards disbanded saving the tax payers money as they are not fit for purpose. To see information on the Dorset Criminal Justice Board – Click Here

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  • Jane


    Before you start classes make sure that you know what you are gitnetg into. If you are choosing this major because of some bogus ad that you saw on television then talk to an academic adviser or even your high school counselor first. Police departments could care less what your degree is in and don’t even look at it when doing your background investigation. In reality your chances of being hired by a police department (if that is your goal) is about 1 in 100. What are you going to do with a criminal justice degree in that case?


  • billcoop


    Dorset police are full of criminals, but what happened to the chief constable, Martin Baker. Nobody as ignorant as a bent copper walks away from a 3 thousand pound a week job! He is part of a planning scam cover-up in Dorset via his Freemason buddies, has one dead senior officer on his hands, and failed to convict another who is now serving 3 years. You really couldn’t get more corrupt than this piece of s****.


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