Another Victim of the criminal organisation known as the Office of the Official Solicitor

Lee Gilliland

I have been another victim of the criminal organisation known as the office of the official solicitor. The head of this organised crime network, Alistair Pitblado & staff, Joseph Goswell, Zena Soormally and Adelaide Samson-Tandoh

ALL conspired with my corrupt probate solicitor Elizabeth Fry of WARDS solicitors Bristol to knowingly commit a gross act of fraud which involved obtaining a false medical report from a corrupt retired Bristol GP Christine Hoyte, a medical report completed behind my back with no medical, five months after the GP had last seen me for a sore throat and with no history whatsoever of mental incapacity.

The report which all authorities refused to let me have sight of stated I lacked the mental capacity to communicate decisions or understand anything anyone was telling me & as such the probate case following the death of my late Grandmother whose death was as a provable result of deliberate NHS malice by the colleagues of corrupt GP Christine Hoyte, was handled behind my back & without my input by Elizabeth Fry of WARDS solicitors who acted directly for Alistair Pitblado.

In conjunction with a corrupt, non court of protection apoointed judge, DJ Michael Daniel of Bristol County Court, these criminals arranged behind my back, the sale of my home of 43 years, bought in 1936 by my late Grandmother & fully paid for before I was born. On 18th May 2011. without any notice or warning, I was violently evicted from my home by 8 bailiffs who came through interior walls with sledgehammers.

I had / have multiple disabilities which were known to the corrupt parties, including, an arthritic crumbling spine, asthma, angina, PTSD & Agoraphobia. I was thrown onto the street with nothing more than the clothes on my back, supporting the bailiffs were at least a dozen Avon & Somerset police officers who I informed were aiding and abetting a serious criminal offence but most of them were smirking.

My home with a value of! £160k, was auctioned by solicitors for £126k, the opponent, Gran’ s estranged daughter who had produced a provably fraudulent will received £44k, her solicitors Veale Wasborough received £38k, Elizabeth Fry of Wards solicitors in the name of the Official solicitor paid themselves £37k,( I had been paying legal aid for the 2 years of this legality to Wards solicitors) only recently after living in severe poverty for over 12 months have I received just under £7k as settlement in this matter.

A few months prior to my unannounced violent criminal eviction I obtained a crime report number from A&S police against corrupt District Judge Michael Daniel, not only did A&S police not investigate the report they assisted in the violent eviction as this cctv footage will show. This was arranged by Elizabeth Fry & Alistair Pitblado, acting in my best interests as an alleged ‘protected party’

The only thing protected by this corrupt system is the bank balances of these criminals, abusing persons by wrongfully having them classed as lacking capacity without medicals for the sole purpose of stealing & personally financially gaining from the theft of a persons entire estate. Jonathan Djanogly of the MOJ ignores any and all communications sent to him regarding these known practices of organised crime committed by & protected by his establishment.

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  • Leonard Lawrence Pilot

    Detective tell me that they are reading this Ministry of Justice site,

    Dear Lee

    The majority of Judges that I have encounted have been helpful, however there are a few like HHJ Simon Oliver at Reading County Court that should consider their position.

    The Senior District Judge Principal Registry of the Family Division, Officers from the Court of Protection, the Queens Bench Division and the Civil Court of Appeal have all been exceeding helpful recently to me.

    Your case is very similar to mine, Alaistair Pitbaldo The Official Solicitor and May Maughan The Deputy Official Solicitor is were the system fails. The Law Society and Ministry of Justice investigations and reports raises serious question into Alaistair Pitbaldo and May Maughan.

    Financial decisions are being taken by the Official Solicitors Office not the Court of Protection. HHJ Simon Oliver identifies the Court of Protection as a rubber stamping exercise. The Court of Protection responded within minutes of being advised of this advising that HHJ Simon Oliver was not an authorised Court of Protection Judge.

    Officers from the Court of Protection escort me to the Family Division to Appeal HHJ Simon Olivers Judgement there after I went to the Civil Court of Appeal, all within a few hours !! The Assistant Masters at the Civil Court of Appeal and the Court staff could not have been more helpful.

    Leonard Lawrence Pilot

    Lee the following may be of assistance to you:

    Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors Bristol Leeds and London

    a) 2010 Thames Valley Police, Economic Crime, Major Fraud Unit (TVP) raised concern as to the standard of legal representation I Leonard Lawrence was being afforded by Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors. TVP advised me to write directly to the court.

    b) Derek Jenkins Chief Executive St John’s Chambers Bristol writes in September 2010, Barrister Jody Atkinson could not advise as he was never put in possession of the full facts. Mr. Atkinson did not advise Simpson Millar LLP to withdraw the public funding certificate, Mr. Atkinson asked Simpson Millar LLP to supply him with more documents and information so that he could advise further. This never happened.

    c) Only on 20 March 2012 did Simpson Millar LLP gain Leonard Lawrence case files from May Maughan Deputy Official Solicitor. Paul Hicks on the 16 April 2012 alleges that May Maughan Deputy Official Solicitor had admitted liability for Leonard Lawrence non registration with the Court of Protection in a telephone call.

    On inspection of Leonard Lawrence case files on the 23 March 2012 at Simpson Millar LLP Bristol office within 30minuts documents identified that on at least four occasions the Official Solicitor had required, but not applied for, Court of Protection approval.

    d) 2012 Avon and Somerset Police Force have crime referenced the destruction of part of Leonard Lawrence medical file by Consultant Psychiatrist Susan Bradbury a Medical Director at Cygnet Health Care. In a medical report to support a civil claim against Cygnet Health Care and others Dr Susan Bradbury had alleged no association with the defendants Cygnet Health Care.

    Google Leonard Lawrence and Dr Sarah Myhill.

    Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors correspondence identifies that Dr Susan Bradbury has been advised by her legal representatives not to comment. Marguarita Tyne a solicitor at Simpson Millar LLP still paid Dr Susan Bradbury for her defective statement.

    What Dr Susan Bradbury Cygnet Health Care and Marguarita Tyne, Paul Hicks, Emma Costin, Neil Fearn and David Harrington of Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors have not addressed is that BP Collins Solicitors, Station Road, Gerrards Cross, Bucks and the Official Solicitor’s office had Leonard Lawrence certified by a psychiatrist at Cygnet Health Care, Godden Green, as lacking mental capacity under Part V11 of the Mental Health Act 1983 without a medical when a NHS Psychiatrist had identified Leonard Lawrence as having had full mental capacity.

    Lee, I am sure that those helping me will extend their help to you.
    Detective tell me that they are reading this Ministry of Justice site,
    This site has proven to be most helpful to myself.

    Leonard Lawrence Pilot

  • Dear Lee,


    May Maughan, Deputy Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts,

    In October 2012 the Government has admitted more than 5,000 people were wrongly sectioned under the mental health act over the past ten years, including thousands of Britain’s most vulnerable patients having been locked up.

    How many were certified like Leonard Lawrence and Lee Gilliland without a medical and then asset stripped by solicitors and barristers like Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers, aided by Helen Clift a solicitor within the Offical Solicitors office and Stephen Piper a caseworker also within the Offical Solicitors office by the non disclosure to the Court of Protection of the patients protected status.

    It beggers belief that His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court, is entirley satisfied by this unlawful practice.

    According to Mr Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers on the 16 April 2012 Helen Clift was a former professional colleague of his prior to Helen Clift joining the Official Solicitors staff. By not registering patients with the Court of Protection no record would exist of the patient, thus leaving the patient open to exploitation.

    May Maughan, Deputy Official Solicitor to the Senior Court wrote to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority that there was no requirement for any application to the Court of Protection in the Leonard Lawrence.

    May Maughan comments were not accepted by The Law Society Solicitors Regulatory Authority caseworker Laura Markham or the Law Society appointed investigating solicitor. Even May Maughan own files does not support her submission to her professional body.

    The Law Society investigating Solicitor report disclosed in 2011 The Official Solicitor was acting as Mr. Lawrence’s representative and Guardian and as such had the greater duty to protect him. I consider that the majority of the steps that Mr. Lawrence feel should have been taken to protect him should have been taken by the Official Solicitor rather than the firm including the decision and action necessary to invoke the Court of Protection.

    Counsel advice on Leonard Lawrence, funded by the Legal Services Commission Special Cases Unit, Mr. Lawrence had the protection of the Official Solicitor but was not registered as a protected party should be in the Court of Protection. Left financially vulnerable at both point of trial and order of sale.

    Disclosure of Leonard Lawrence case file by May Maughan, Deputy Official Solicitor on the 20 March 2012 revealed many pages having been torn out. 20 December 2012 May Maughan refuse to discuss why these pages have been remove prior to her sending the files to Simpson Millar Solicitors.

    The remaining case files identified that during the period Leonard Lawrence had been under the jurisdiction of the Official Solicitor Helen Clift knew on at least four occasions when it was necessary to have involve the Court of Protection.

    16 April 2012 His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court
    Well, it actually says so in the Official Solicitor’s guide, does it not?
    It actually says in there, We have to refer this to the Court of Protection

    Take care Lee

    Leonard Lawrence

  • Serious fraud and corruption by the Official Solicitors, Court of Protection, Ministry of Justice, Police, Judges and Court staff to allow this to continue to many victims

  • This is big business for those involved. The SRA too are behind this. The judges other than the ones who sat on your cases , may appear to be helpful, but that too is a con to gain your confidence, so beware.
    There are 1000’s of victims out these of miscarriages of justice but the civil ones are not given any exposure and the criminal ones that do get exposure may sometimes get redress.
    However most of the times the MSM covers up for these injustices and keep the public entertained by exposing other people salacious filth.


  • Dear Lee and Leonard,
    I too have been a victim of a most callous and blatant fraud where my own legal side was collaborating with the opposite side to defraud me.
    At best it was fraud on the court as in Leonard’s case or the judges were complicit in it.
    Pls do contact cause there is so much I would like to impart to you both..


  • Dear Sirs
    I have been on the end of corruption within the legal system and I want the serious matter sorted out.
    Yours faithfully
    Anastasia Tempest

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